Saturday, September 17, 2011

My One-Year Bandiversary

Today it has been one-year since I was banded.

In some ways I feel no different.  I am the same person after all, and I had such a "healthy" sense of denial from a day-to-day perspective that it wasn't like I was miserable being morbidly obese.  I had accepted it and loved myself anyway.  But, there is no doubt whatsoever that life is a bit different one-year later.  The lap-band has been such a gift and I thank God that I was given this opportunity to get to a healthier weight before I developed any medical complications (not including the back/foot pain) related to my weight.

A year ago, I weighed 264 on the day of surgery.  I had weighed 286 in August after returning from vacation, and my high weight was 293.  I low-carbed my way down before surgery to get a jump start and I truly believe that it was the key to my success.  I got my mind on board before the band was on board, so I was ready and already practicing "doing my part". Today I weigh 161 and I generally eat what I want, just a lot less of it.

A year ago, I wore a 3x in shirts, a 46G bra, and 24 pants.  Today I wear a M in shirts, a 34F bra, and a 10 (closer to 8 than 12) in pants. Even though I've been stalled at my current weight for a month, my clothes are fitting more loosely. 

A year ago, my measurements were:
Bicep: 17
Breasts: 51
Ribcage: 46
"Top Roll": 53 (this is where my waist is supposed to be)
Hips: 56
Thigh: 30

Today my measurements are:
Bicep: 12
Breasts: 38
Rib: 34
Waist: 34
Hips: 38
Thigh: 22

My measurements do reflect a lot of excess skin (my breasts and stomach), but I'm ok with it for now until I can afford some plastic surgery.

A year ago, I intended to mark my one-year bandiversary with a final attempt at a successful pregnancy.  I'd been told the reason I was having miscarriages was my weight and that's what finally spurred me on to try bariatric surgery.  Today, though I've been told by every doctor I see that I'm "super fertile" because of the weight loss, I am no longer sure I want to have children.  Life is good, as-is.  It would be good with kids, too, I know, but maybe that's not the right path for my husband and I.

A year ago, as outgoing as I was, I was largely invisible to a lot of people without really knowing it.  Some of them were people I work with and it is really frustrating to have people acknowledge my existence now when they generally ignored me before (I'm talking to you, creepy coworker). Mostly it's strangers, and to be honest, primarily men.  Today, I get doors held open for me, I get checked out constantly, I get chatted up-- it's a strange, strange world.  If I were single, I'd be thrilled.  I'm not single though and while occasionally it's flattering (I'm talking to you, hot young fireman at the grocery store), usually I find it annoying to be constantly "ducking" my eyes not to invite attention. 

There are a lot of things I still need to work on.  I got yelled at during my "yearly" because my urine was so dark my doc said she's surprised I don't have kidney stones-- of course brought on because I don't drink water.  And I'm not talking 64 oz-- most days I probably don't even drink 16 oz of water.  I do two cups of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night and that may be my liquid intake for the day.  I'm working on that.  I also don't take any vitamins, and I don't exercise.  There is a lot of room for improvement and I need to find that inner fire that got me this far to take me those next steps.

One of the best things about this year, though, was having BOOBS to turn to for support-- in laughter, in anger, and in sadness.  Everyone has lifted me up and in turn, accepted my support, and I truly give you all of the credit in the world for my success this year.  I honestly could not have done it without you.

-Yesterday, I turned 36.  Here I am in my cute little size medium dress, ready for a fancy-pants dinner and a night at the symphony with my husband.  Last year I would have been wearing a loose dress to "hide" my fat.  Last night I wore a looser fitting dress because of fashion!  Gasp, the thought.


  1. Happy one-year bandiversary to you, gorgeous! :)

  2. you look fantastic! (I've been wondering where you have been, BTW)

    Happy Bandiversary to you! It has been a great year with a lot of hard work! You and I both need to work on the water situation for sure!

  3. are just beautiful!!! and the porch and the green and the pooch...wonderful've got Major Sexy Legs Darlin'!!

  4. You look great..and we struggle with a lot of the same bad habits so you are not alone. Water. vitamins and exercise are all a pain in the backside :) I love love love your loose fashion :)

    Will you be in Chicago? I so want to hang out if you are.


  5. New follower here - happy one year bandiversary! You are such an inspiration - thank you!!

  6. Happy Bandiversary!!! You look amazing!

  7. Jesus - Lyla - you take my breath away you're so freaking stunningly pretty. Like wow. I'm not kidding. THis post was beautiful to read - life has been so chaotic for me - and you sound so peaceful in this post - and it made me thank you - and congrats.

  8. You are such a rock star!!! Despite the fact that I'm older than you, I want to be you when I grow up! You look positively radiant - it's just pouring out of you!!

  9. You, my Friend, are such a stunningly beautiful woman - you look absolutely and positively AMAZING!!

    Congratulations to you on ALL you've done, and happy Bandiversary!!

  10. Simply beautiful!!! Simply amazing...and simply you!!!

    You are absolutely gorgeous!

    Happy Bandiversary!!

    I will be e-mailing you...because I have questions.

    I miss you blogging...but I know classes have started. Thanks for sharing this update with us.

  11. Darn darn darn...Change your mind or something :) I wanted to meet you in Chicago :).

    The class is Linear Algebra-a prerequisite for the masters i stats program. Im thinking of collecting another piece of paper. It is either that or retire...both are really pulling hard at my heart.

    Sometime we will have to meet up somewhere. Maybe a common work conference? :)


  12. Congrats doesn't seem to cut it. You have had an amazing year and you are looking fantastic :o)

  13. You are so inspiring! Look how much you have changed in one year! You look hot! I hope you are as proud of yourself as everyone who reads your blog is! Congrats :) Happy Bandiversary!

  14. you are prob the most stunning transformation....just beautiful! Congrats on your one year...and seriously? no exercise? lucky!

  15. PS - I nominated you for an award - check out my blog for the details! xx

  16. Wowzers!!! Lyla, you look sooo great! I love love love that dress.....and your beautiful smile, you look so happy you're glowing!

    Happy Bandiversary!!!

  17. Gorgeous! You have come so far on this journey and you continue to amaze and inspire me. You've accomplished so much in just one little year and I imagine this next year will be even better!

  18. Hi. New Follower. I followed the link from Rachel's blog.
    Happy One Year. You look amazing.

  19. Congratulations! You look fantastic! I love that dress.

  20. Happy bandiversary. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished in 12 months!