Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh, the Drama!

I hope you have plans for get togethers and fireworks. I have to admit that I do not-- we don't live close to family and our friends here tend to get together with their families so we usually just hang out the two of us and have a nice relaxing day. Hubs will be throwing a small pork butt on to smoke today, so we'll have yummy pulled pork for dinner tonight and then pork quesadillas for at least one day if not two this week.

Saturday night we went to see U2 (the main show) and Florence + The Machine (opening act). It was amazing, but incredibly hot. We had seat 1 & 2 in our row. . . . which for some strange reason was not on the aisle but in the middle of a row because they ran two sections together (seat 46 of section I was next to seat 1 of section J). We were packed in like sardines. Still, totally worth it.

We had to travel out of state to see it, so we spent the night in a hotel and had one of my students dog/house sit.

Well, here's the thing-- when we travel, bad things seem to happen. The last time we left town was in May for a quick trip to Pensacola Beach, and on the day we left three things happened: 1) the check engine light came on, 2) my dog sitter called because the smoke detectors were going off and my dogs were flipping out at the noise, and 3) my husband's credit card was denied because he hadn't activated the new one they sent-- not to mention that he'd had to contest about $100 of drinks someone had charged to our room from the bar.

Of course this trip was no different. I was feeling sort of itchy in the room (most likely because it was just hot outside and my skin was dry), so I got a little paranoid about bed bugs even though it was an immaculate room. So we got a really bad night's sleep. As we're leaving to come home, my house sitter called, hysterical, because my dogs had caught a snake in the yard. It was a big one, and it would have been horrifying enough for anyone just worrying about the dogs, but she has a full-on snake phobia so she was literally in the midst of a panic attack. As I was trying to calm her down, my husband was making a deposit at the ATM, got distracted trying to figure out what had happened at home, and forgot to get his debit card back, something we didn't realize until we were an hour into the drive.

All of this has me superstitious about our trip to Punta Cana (this Friday!). It would be really nice not to have anything alarming happen during at least one vacation this summer. We may have lost our house/dog sitter over the snake incident, so we might have to board the dogs but maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing since the last two dog sitting incidents have been filled with drama.

As for the snake, either the dogs killed it or it was dropped into the yard by a (very large) bird already nearly dead. I believe the latter because though my dogs are huge and love to "hunt", they pretty much suck at the actual death and spend more time spatting out their prey than effectively killing it. I have a hard time believing that two dogs that can't manage to kill a tiny lizard (we have lots of anoles and blue-tailed skinks that love our house) once they catch it would actually kill what I've determined is a Black King Snake.


  1. Cute pic! I swear everyone I know but me has gone to the U2 concert!

    The snake incident would freak me out too! And my dogs are the exact same way! Once they catch something, the thrill of the kill is gone for them!!! We've had many a semi-dead bird laying in our yard!!!

    Hope your trip to Punta Cana is completely void of at home drama and is totally relaxing! Have Fun!!!

  2. Oh my, I'm never going on vaca with you! But the pic is super cute of you and hubs! I can't blame your sitter for freakin over the snake. Whereas I'm not "afraid" of snakes, I don't like them, and would have a hard time going to retrieve the dogs from that!I hope you next trip is a lot less uneventful!

  3. I (tentatively!) agree with Brandi! LOL

    I'm sorry things didn't go as planned, but you can never say that it was boring - right?

    Hope this weekend's vacation goes a little more smoothly.

  4. I have hives now - ack - snakes. Hope your upcoming trip goes smoothly.

  5. ok - I say you board the dogs and take away the possibility of that kind of drama - and feel confident that you've been "drama-proofed" for future vacations. Congratulations!! You've now gotten them all out of your system and from now on you're home free!!

  6. Great picture! Your trip to Punta Cana sounds great! Just enjoy and don't worry about anything :)

  7. That really IS a great picture! How awesome you guys got to go see U2!! Way cool! And as far as everything going wrong - just think - you got it out of the way before you go on your tropical vacation! So now, nothing will go wrong!! :) Have an awesome time!

  8. Trust me, boarding the dogs is the best money you can spend during a vacation - we board ours EVERY time we go away, and it has been worry free! The dogs love going too - they're pampered with home made treats, little pedis and grooming - can't beat that!! They may be a little whigged at first, but after a time or two they'll be old pros at it!!

    I LOVE the wonderful pic of you and the Hubs too!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I still would go on vacation with you!! I have heard U2 is fabulous to see! How was Flo?? She has a great voice as well!!

    Bored the dogs, lady!!

  10. That was meant to be board! yah.

  11. Wow! Ummm...yeah...that's not a great track records. My grandparents had the same issue...every time they'd come visit us, something would catch on fire back at home. eventually, they had one incident free trip and it never happened again. Hopefully Punta Cana will be your pattern breaking trip!

  12. In light of all the guys still look cute and adorable. Thank you for the virtual hug professor...I appreciate you!