Friday, January 20, 2012

Doggie Trauma!

So you all know we have two dogs that are our "kids".  They are both 6 years old and have been out of their crates for over 4 years now.

Yesterday I left home for my WW meeting, and my husband got home about an hour later.  He walked in to blood EVERYWHERE-- all of the floor, smeared all over the wall and the big blonde dog. He can't find our other dog.  He's panicked and calls me.  I panic and rush home.

Well, it turns out that one of them pulled four art-pottery bowls from Fantoni off of the sofa table, and then they proceeded to EAT ONE ENTIRELY (it has disappeared), break one and gnaw the leather off of the back (this one is in shards and marked with blood-- it seems to be the source of the murder-scene), chew the ends on a third, and eat the leather off the bottom of the fourth.

This is what the bowls look like.  The one that was entirely eaten was a bit smaller- maybe 2x2 inches.

Edited to Add:  The Actual Remains (RIP)

So we find the missing dog (she was hiding, imagine that), stop the blood flow on the other (his paws and later, his mouth).  Knowing my dogs, I just KNOW that the one who is bleeding wasn't the one who ate the bowl-- it had to be the other one.  She eats things.  When she was a puppy, she ate an entire black "tough chewer" kong.  Not chewed it to pieces, I mean ingested the whole thing (the blowout when it came back up was not pretty).  So in spite of the evidence, I drive her an hour away to the nearest open vet.  She gets X-rayed and it looks clean-- like, at least she chewed it well before swallowing any large potentially hazardous shards.

The vet looks at me like I'm an idiot when I say that the other dog was bleeding from the mouth and I didn't bring HIM.  I was just so convinced because he does not and has never chewed or eaten a non-food item, ever, and Maddy is known for it (rubber kong, tree branches, a huge patch of carpet, dog beds, any piece of paper or cardboard she can get her mouth on, and recently, a brand new tampon that she took from my purse and managed to unwrap neatly, gnaw the plastic away, and then eat the cotton).  If one of my dogs is going to devour a CERAMIC BOWL, it's going to be her.

So anyway, today I'm on big blonde watch because the vet said he'd probably pass anything he ingested without a problem because of his size (he's 125lbs, giant breed), and if he had problems I would see some sign.

We have puzzled this event through.  WHY would they do this now?  They have been acting up lately-- last week an entire loaf of french bread disappeared from the counter, paper wrapping and all.  That wasn't tough to figure out-- big blonde can definitely pull things off counters and he LOVES bread.  Then yesterday we come home to a paper shredded mess in the basement, where some of our stacked bills/etc. waiting for filing had been pulled off the desk and chewed.  Again, Maddy got blamed for that given her love of paper even though she hasn't ever pulled something off a table or counter.  But POTTERY?  Old, Italian pottery (ahem, also it should be noted EXPENSIVE collector piece pottery) that I've had in that exact spot for years?

It appears we have a dog that has developed separation anxiety at age 6.  And he's a big blonde dog that is a Mama's boy.  ARGH.

Ok, in other news:  Does anyone know if you can record a video on your iPad and post it to blogger or somewhere online.  If so, how?  I can't figure it out.

Happy Friday!


  1. Glad to see that your dog follows the bandster rule of chewing thoroughly before swallowing. You have taught her well:)

  2. omg! I'm dying. I'm soooo not laughing. Swear.
    Oops a giggle just floated out.

    Seriously. Sorry bout your pup! I know how frustrating it is!
    Keep calm and drink on.

  3. That poor pup! Hope they are both doing okay today. (and Nora, HA!)

  4. Poor things! But has something drastic changed up in your routines? Are you away from home more?

    1. I think maybe it started with boarding over Christmas, and then we were both home for the week after. They board every year, but maybe this year it really affected them? I honestly don't know what it is if not that.

  5. eekk...Can you put a video on them? Maybe your chewer isn't the culprit and the other one is just doing it to make her look bad :)

    :) I feel for you!! xxxooo

  6. OH wow! what a sight and what a tale. I hope your dog recovers soon.

  7. Oh wow! My dogs - 3 and 2 still chew things sometimes but generally its plastic - not ceramic. I understand completely though - scary times. Hope your pups are ok (and the owners!)