Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crankhead Zombies. . and other sleepless nights

So, I'm reading the book World War Z.

For those of you who haven't read it, it's about the Zombie Apocalypse.

Now, I should have realized going into it that it would See, the scarriest thing to me since I was a small child were books and movies about global pandemics. Diseases that killed almost everyone, and left a horrible world for the survivors to live in. They have ALWAYS given me nightmares, yet I still read them (The Stand is the scarriest Stephen King book ever, forget that stupid clown. But the dead pets/children are a close second). I guess the thing I find so frightening is that they are realistic, and that it's not so much the disease that's scary but the prospect of the horrible ways the survivors or the attempting-to-survive people behave in their panic.

Yet, I decide to read a really good book about Zombies. This already freaks me out, and has me considering what I would do to try to survive such an event (including the modifications that would be necessary were I to stay in my house), or whether it would be better just to shoot myself in the head to prevent myself from infection.

I realize you're probably worried about me now.

But it gets worse! My husband tells me that our cross-the-street neighbor told him that there is a bit of a drug problem happening down in the creek region of our subdivision (very nice subdivision, very isolated creek on the other side where traveling meth labs seem to have popped up recently), and to be careful with locking doors, etc. He even said he had to call the police a couple weeks ago because some guy was just sitting in his yard, high. We live on a dead-end and it has been idyllic in my mind to this point. Very quiet and private, and I often forget to lock the doors. No more.

Well, last night, I kept having visions of crankhead zombies staging an invasion of our house. Talk about a bad night of sleep.

And you wanna know what the ridiculous thing is? I'm only half-way through World War Z and I can't stop now! I'm just going to have to keep giving myself nightmares.


  1. I loved that book -- one of the best zombie books I've read. I have a weird thing for any book about a post-apocalyptic world. My favorites are Earth Abides by George R. Stewart and On the Beach by Nevil Shute. One I read recently, which really scared the living crap out of me and made me never want my kids more than 10 feet away from me is One Second After by William R. Forstchen. There, now I have enabled you into more sleepless nights. :)

  2. You are way could I read that. Gilly reads about Zombies though and loves them - do you follow her?

  3. Another good Zombie-like read is Stephen King's Cell. I'm currently reading it for the third time!!! (This coming from the girl who read "Storm of the Century" right after we got married and I made my husband get out of bed and check all the closets for the man with red glowing eyes!!)

  4. Oh my gosh!! I can just imagine you reading that book and finding some spaced out guy in YOUR yard! I so laughed at your post because right now my son and 2 of his friends are sitting on the couch playing a video game about killing zombies called Left for Dead. Maybe you should get that game and have at killing some of those zombies so you can sleep! LOL!!!

  5. Ok.. just the thought of the book is going to be giving me nightmares!!


  6. OMG those are the worst...the pandemics..... Enjoy.

  7. Holy hell. You crack me up.

    I used to hate this movie Horizon that was about spaceships that went to Hell and back. It was so sick. But any time it's on, i'd watch it. WTH.

    Maybe you should read earlier in the night, then watch a re-run of the Smurfs to make you happy before you go to bed. Could work.

  8. Haa!!!

    I don't read zombie books...but I love love The Stand. It was probably the first book that made me fall in love truly with reading. I read it when I was 16.

    Make sure you lock those doors. Meth heads are dangerous!

  9. Oh goodness. I wouldn't read that book before going to bed anymore.

  10. HAHAHA!! That made my day. I know YOU aren't scared of the clown, but I had insomnia for six months in high school because of IT. :)

  11. Zombies scare me too! Just the thought of that happening, it seems like something that just might be plausible! :(

    Also, I guess I need to read The Stand. I tried to read it one time, but didn't get very far... and I tried to watch the movie once, again, couldn't get into it. Oops!