Monday, August 16, 2010


Now that I've got a date, I seem to be obsessed with gathering information on message boards and in books. It's been so long since my nutrition consult last fall that I really don't remember a lot of it so I'm particularly worried about my post-op diet (liquids, purees, oh my!). Today I requested our county library system to send me 2 weight loss surgery recipe books and a general WLS book so I can look them over before buying.

Yay for good libraries! Everyone should have access to one.

The protein powder/protein shake thing is overwhelming me. I know I'm going to be using them a lot, probably for the rest of my life, and there are so many freaking brands. They are too expensive to just try haphazardly, so I'm trying to condense info. I keep hearing about Isopure and Unjury so I guess that's a place to start.

Today I broke the 270 mark at 269.8. About 9 lbs in one week on low carb pre-op-- not too bad.

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