Friday, June 1, 2012

Accidental Exercise

Yesterday I accidentally went to a step circuit class. . . and it was fun.  I'll be doing that again.

I have tried step before and I have had problems catching on to the fast moves (that damn t-step thing I still can't figure out), which has left me frustrated.  I don't know why Zumba is mostly fine but step is difficult for my non-choreography-friendly brain to process.  But whatever.  So yesterday I thought I was going to a BodyCombat class, but when I got there, I must have had the times mixed up because it was definitely step.

Good workout though, so I'll be back!

I start summer classes next week, so I suppose I should start figuring out a schedule.  I'm glad it's only a month.   Other summer plans include a trip "home" for a Cardinals game in June, a visit from my new colleague and her partner in June while they search for an apartment, a visit from my mom in July, and a trip to the beach house with pups, sis-and bro-in-law, and friends in August.  Other than that, it's wide open but I suspect it will go by super fast.


  1. Congrats on the step class, be careful one of my friends teaches it and she broke her foot doing it by missing the dang step!!!

    You sounds like you have a full summer planned and you are right I think the summer will fly by for me as well!

  2. Step is difficult for me for fear of falling over myself. I love it though...seems a better workout sometimes than Zumba. :)