Saturday, March 12, 2011

Handwriting Analysis

Jen at Jen's Lapband Journey started a handwriting meme and I thought it looked like fun. So here it is:

So if you want to play, here are the questions:

1. What is your name?
2. What is your blog name?
3. Write: the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote
5. Favorite song
6. Favorite band/singers
7. Say anything you want
8. Pass it along to a few bloggers

In other news: I had to replace my grannies with new, smaller grannies. As much as I loved them, they were saggy to the point of ridiculousness. Don't worry, ladies. I did just get an appropriately sized granny to replace them :)


  1. ha! I wish the boobs would shrink a little too!! Thanks Lyla! I am doing my hard yoga class again tonight!! Thinking of those big breast modifications!! :)

  2. I just love how you write. Reading your blog for me is like sitting down and having a conversation with you. You always make me smile and you have a way with words.

    Just thought I'd tell you in case you didn't know. :-)