Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Band Status Update- Just More for the Chronicle

Well folks, it is time for fill #3 for this bandster. I have been chowing down like a crazy woman, and a lot of it is because of hunger (not all of it-- I'm not gonna lie). I think I must have hit that crazy point where I've lost enough weight that my band has loosened, and I just want a little top off to help with the hunger some more. I'm not done losing yet!

The other "I've lost a lot of weight" symptom I'm having is all of a sudden my port site is so sore all of the time. I just think the fat padding around it has shrunk so much that it isn't as cushioned. I'm a stomach sleeper, so I wake up with it sore almost every day now. When I went in to see my regular doc about my reflux issues, she poked my stomach and hit the port twice-- youch! She said she'd never actually felt a patient's port before (she has others who've had the band), so I guess mine is really out there. Of course I've always been able to feel it if I press down, but now it's just right there! At least you can't see it-- only feel it.

My PCP put me on a trial of prescription antacid meds to see if it would alleviate the acid reflux. It has. I want to go off for the next week to see if it comes back-- I certainly don't want to be taking an expensive medication every day if the reflux is a "come and go" symptom. But, I'll be discussing it with my surgeon in any case to make sure he has the opportunity to order an endoscope if he thinks it necessary.

Ok, now on to the frustrating-- I can't seem to get a pair of jeans that fits. URGH! I have been wearing a pair of 14's that fall down (seriously-- I don't have to unbutton/unzip them and they fall off my hips if I'm not careful- ass crack city, baby). When I was in Vegas, we went to the Lucky Brand store and I tried on two pairs of size 12. One of them fit perfectly but I wasn't going to buy a $130 pair of jeans that I have every intention of shrinking out of. But, when I got home, I thought I found them on ebay for $30 and snatched them up.

Not the right ones, apparently, because they won't even button. I'm in some size 10 pants, but these 12 jeans are not gonna work.

So, I go to the thrift store to get some used jeans-- I buy two pairs that are marked 31 waist. Neither fit, both way too small. Then I went back yesterday for another try and yet again the size 12 is too small.

I know what I need to do is go into a store and try jeans on before I buy them but I'm trying to be cheap! That's not working out so well for me as I now have 4 pairs of jeans that I can't wear. But, if I lost this last 40 pounds, I'll be set in jeans at least.

Oh, but the awesome news is that my husband booked us a two night stay on the Gulf at the end of the month-- just a quick little trip to relax on the beach after his marathon work hours this month and before I start my summer classes in June. I'm looking forward to it. It'll be like a mini-beach-training before our 7 night stay in Punta Cana in July :)


  1. Jeans can be so frustrating! I've been putting off shopping as long as possible just to avoid the frustration. I'm so jealous of all the bloggers planning these beach trips! I don't see myself getting away any time soon.

  2. Man, it can be so frustrating when trying to buy clothes! And I'm cheap anyway, but especially if I'm not planning on staying in a size! I have decided once I get to goal I will invest in some "quality" clothes. i think I have been so cheap because for the last 8 years I was never "staying in this size" even though I did for 7 of those years (or worse, moved on but in the wrong direction!). You are doing SO awesome with the loss though! I hope you get what you need out of this next fill. And have a wonderful time on your practice vacation!

  3. I wear Lucky jeans and almost always purchase on eBay. I found my first pair at the Goodwill and they fit so well I was on a mission! Anyway, there are different cuts that are sized a bit differently. If you knew just what the tag said like "classic rider" or "easy rider" etc it would be so much easier to find the exact match to the ones you loved in the store. If I find something I love in the store I take a photo with my phone of the tags so I can match if need be. Good luck and just think, those jeans will fit soon!

  4. Okay - I'm totally jealous of the vacay! For the jeans thing - I'm not even trying to find wonderful fantastic jeans - I found a style of Lee jeans that fit my hour glass figure well and am sticking with them on the way down - I get emails when they go on sale and try have at least one pair in the next size down at all times. And I'm spending hopefully less than $20 per pair so it's all good. Once I get to where I'm going - whatever that is - I'll think about other choices.

    Good luck with your fill, I hope it brings you to where you want to be.

    (and you're totally right about what I need to do, I've already made some calls and will be making an appointment in the near future! - thanks for the support!)

  5. Before my last fill my port was insanly sore for like two weeks straight! I noticed it every day several times a day! Who knows! I ah having a tiny bit of heart burn too! But today has been fine! I honestly think it was because of PBing and it was really my throat hurting! Thats what I keep hoping for. JEANS..grrr...double grrr. Have a great vacation! Hubs and I are going next friday and it can't come to soon. I need a break!

  6. That's incredible that you're in such small jeans!!!!! I can only dream of that! Good luck with the jeans. Reward yourself and buy a pair that look great on you now!

  7. WOW! Thank you thank you thank you for posting that on my blog. I can't even express how much it means to have someone who is in the exact place as me. Now my husband does what kids he thinks. He loves our life and is scared beyond anything to change that but he is worried he'll regret it if we don't. We continue to talk. I am not sure. I want a baby. But do I want a child that it turns into? Sounds awful...lets talk again!