Monday, May 23, 2011

I hate the 180's

The 180's-- specifically, the space between 180 and 182 is my nemesis. I am 2 pounds from hitting my next goal (overweight, not obese on BMI charts) and I am not making a bit of progress.

I've been stuck here for a month. I now completely understand how people who plateau lose all motivation because at this point I feel like giving up.

I go in for a fill on Thursday-- here's hoping it gives me back some mojo.


  1. I hate the 180's too! but mine is more the 186 - 189 that I hate! Hang in there, WE'LL get through this! And i'm sure be posting the same things about the 170's before we know it! (((hugs)))

  2. Okay...I hate your 180's...because I want them. LOL I am hating the 280's at this point. The little bastards won't set me free. I've been hanging out at 280.2 for almost a month now. I hit 279...for a brief...though glorious moment...and then he sent me back to 280.2.

    Change is coming. Don't give up Lyla. You will be there soon.