Monday, January 16, 2012


Happy MLK Day.  I hope we can all remember that the struggle for equality in this world will never end, but it's an important fight.  The world today is a better place because of King and others like him.  At the very least, I hope you enjoyed a day off from work :)

I did a BodyPump class this morning and I have been exhausted all day.  I am weak as a kitten, y'all. But I liked it and I think I'll go again later this week.  I did BodyFlow on Saturday and it was ok-- I like hot yoga a lot better, but this is closer to my house, cheaper, and it will work for improving my flexibility and general stretching which is what I want it for.  I've discovered that I have weak/tight hip flexors that cause me a lot of grief when I do any moderate level of cardio, so I'm going to focus on some strength and flexibility training for a bit before trying to push the cardio.  It's so hard for me to get into an exercise routine anyway-- add in a lot of hip pain and I know I just won't ever make it happen so I'm trying to work around it.

Seriously, I am pooped.  I thought exercise was supposed to GIVE you energy.  I call foul on that one.


  1. I feel ya on that! No matter how much I work out it doesn't give me energy! One day I swear to try the hot yoga, but I just have such bad memories of the last time I tried any yoga, at 256 lbs, and I was in tears before I even got through it! I have to let that memory fade before doing it again!

  2. My bike and walking are the only two that ever made me feel energized. All other forms of exercise just made me tired :) I have thought about trying out like it hunh? I have tried a move or two on the TV (at a much heavier weight) and feel on my arse every time.

    I am glad your complications aren't :) and that the blook pressure thing is from the stress of the office not you :). Try getting a monitor at home and see if your resting BP is better maybe?


    1. Yes, I do enjoy yoga, especially in a heated room because it warms up your muscles and helps a LOT. I find it very relaxing and also, because I'm in such weak shape, it works to strengthen me too (just pushing up/holding up my own body weight, etc., is a workout right now-- sad, but true).

  3. I'm glad you made it to the class. I didn't. LOL...I'm so not a morning person. I couldn't get my arse out of bed Saturday morning. I think I'm going to try one of the evening classes.

  4. holy crap it's been soooo hard for me to get into work outs. UGHHHH!!!! But last night I went on a walk and tonight i'm going to the gym. Baby steps. Baby steps.

  5. I've never found exercise to be energizing. I usually feel better overall but more energy? Nope. Not once. Good for you for getting out there and doing it.