Sunday, December 12, 2010

Same Song, Different Verse

The Big P, Aunt Flo, the Crimson Tide (haha- Bama fans will be offended), or whatever you want to call it. . .

losing weight jacks it up, am I right?

Can I get an Amen!?

For the past couple of months since surgery, I have been taking Lortab on days one and two of my period for cramping since ibuprofen is a no-go. During that time I've also had horrible headaches. I concluded last month that it must be the Lortab giving me a headache that just won't go away since it was so coincidentally something I started at the same time the headaches popped up. Poor narcotic-- taking the blame for what I have now determined is just a lovely new side effect of the shedding of my uterine lining. Today there was no Lortab but there is still a horrible headache that won't go away.

This is new for me. I do not like it.

Another bizarre side effect is that I always weigh less on day one and two of my period. I can now count on a drop on the scales when AF comes to town. Today I saw the number 221.6. This, after a night out at a James Beard award-winning restaurant where I not only ate band and taste-bud friendly red snapper, but also shared their homemade gourmet donuts with my husband. Oh, and let's not forget the wine.

I guarantee it will be a while before I see that 221 again, 's all I'm sayin'.


  1. I can take the ibuprofen-did not have my surgeon say yes or no but I was careful to crush them as I tightened up after a few fills and now I have a prescription for liquid naproxin sulfate and that is all I take when I have pain issues.

    Now as far as the aunt flow issues-Mine has changed like crazy over the lat two years. I am not sure if it was all weight-loss or peri-menapause too however I have read that fat stores estrogen and it makes sense that as we unload the fat that estrogen gets released (not sure if we have to deal with it as it releases and then it goes away or what)..anyhow..good luck! and I wish I lost weight after flow shoes up. I gain until the week after and then lose a couple of pounds.

  2. I'm sorry for your pain.

    I must say that AF and the band has made me a lot more conscious of my body chemistry...that is a good thing. I hope that things sync up and that your head ache goes are doing great and progressing toward improved health everyday!

    Feel better...

  3. I think my pre-symptoms have gotten worse, but the actual period has been better; lighter and easier to deal with.

  4. Thanks for your feedback about self fufilling prophecies. I believe in the band and myself. I feel healthier already...I've just failed at weight loss before so I'm very vigilant/anxious about not failing with the band.

    Have a good day!