Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tale of the Crazy Scale

On Sunday I cleaned my bathroom.

Exciting news, I know. In the process, I jostled my scale around, cleaned it, leaned it on its side, etc.

On Monday, I got on the scale and had gained 5 lbs overnight.

Imagine me flipping out. I put myself on protein shakes all day (doing it again today). I vowed to call to schedule a fill before my next appt in January.

I got on the scale this morning and I was down that 5 lbs plus another lb.

The moral of this story: Don't clean your bathroom. You might break your scale.


  1. LOL! You always make me laugh. I'm glad the scale is ultimately going downward for you.

  2. I have two spots on the floor I shift mine between. I can count on them being 2 pounds different.

  3. Great moral! I'm using this as my excuse when hubby asks why the bathroom isn't cleaned up.

  4. Great 'cuz I haven't been cleaning my bathroom much for awhile now. Now I have a good reason.