Monday, December 20, 2010

Ode to Granny Panties

Yesterday, Gilly posted about getting rid of the granny panties and it seemed like you all were very excited for her.

Well, I have to say: I Love Granny Panties

I have lost enough that I can now wear bikinis or hipters, and I've bought a few pairs. Let me tell you-- I hate them. The only thing they have going for them is that, admittedly, they make my badonkadonk look pretty good.

Granny Panties are awesome because:

-They're so roomy, they feel like wearing nothing.

-They cover the stomach (and now, since I have really huge granny panties after losing 70 lbs, I could probably pull them up to my boobs).

-The way they fit with full coverage, they typically don't leave noticeable panty lines. Of course don't raise your shirt at all, because they're probably sticking out of the top of your pants.

-You can tuck your shirt into them. No, I'm serious. I often wear "spanx" like tank tops under my shirts to smooth out the rumbles and rolls and if I just tuck 'em into my jeans, they inevitably pull up and out. But tuck it into the granny panties, and that sucker stays put.

I love them. I will probably wear them until they get so big they won't fit in my clothes. I MIGHT switch to high-cut briefs one of these days but that's about as far as I plan to go on non-sexy days.

Come on, ladies. Give the grannies a little love.


  1. i have to admit I am thoroughly enjoying my sessy boy shorts! love the grannies!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. I love my granny panties. I have them in all colors and cute designs (stripes, florals, animal prints, etc.). Nothing that I wear--and I mean nothing--is as comfortable as my "grannies." Glad I found your blog!

  3. LOL! But JUST SAY NO to the Grannies! Once I fit into the VS boyshorts & hipsters there was no going back. Get the right ones and they are comfy AND sexy!

  4. Lyla, thanks for your insightful and kind comments. I always enjoy hearing your perspective. Hope you had a great Christmas. And yes, granny panties are so comfortable and provide nice coverage. Function over form! Happy New Year

  5. hi! i'm a newbie follower! ...and i hate boy cut undies!!! too much fabric in the crotch...argh!!! thank god for the grannies-lol!