Sunday, October 17, 2010

Food-aholic to Shop-aholic

Man, losing weight is going to be hard on my bank account.

Yesterday I stopped at Belk to "look around" (yeah, right), and I found the clearance racks in the Misses section first. I picked out a few shirts in XL just to try on to see how far away from the size I was and to my absolute surprise and pleasure, I found several that fit.

Now, I'm not gonna lie-- they were all the "blousy" kind that are not intended to be form fitting and they were probably more form-fitting on me than the designer intended. But I bought 3 new shirts for a total of $40, knowing that I would be able to wear them for a good long while as I lose.

It felt amazing. At the same time, I felt really self-conscious as I was browsing the racks in the regular-size section. My mind kept telling me that the other shoppers were seeing me and wondering what I was doing in "their" part of the store. Totally paranoid on my part, and so what if that were true anyway-- but it was a strange psychological experience.

So when I got home, I tried on my birthday present to myself-- a leather jacket I bought two days before my surgery in a size 1x to use this winter. When I bought it, there was no way to zip it up-- I had an eight-inch gap at my breasts that I'd have to lose before even thinking of wearing it.

Well, that eight-inches is gone! I need to take my measurements again because that jacket zipped right up and fits now. It's amazingly exciting-- and just in time for the weather to be slowly cooling down (I live in the South and last week it was still in the mid-80's, but this week we're seeing 70's).

I have a feeling I'm going to become a shop-a-holic.

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