Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two Week Appointment

Today I had my two week post-op appointment. I was supposed to get my first fill, but my port site is still not healed as much as he expected so he put it off for another two weeks. I'm ok with putting my first fill off (I'm still feeling ok on appetite and am not yet having problems following my post-op diet). But I am a little upset that apparently, I'm taking longer to heal than normal. I am 35 years old and I'm healthy-- no comorbidities-- so it's just weird that I'm behind the healing curve. This does explain why I can't comfortably sleep on my stomach yet.

Other than that, I feel pretty good. I had a very minor "complication" in that the dermabond came off of one of my incision sites a little earlier than it should have, before it was completely closed. It was almost there though, so I didn't have to have it stitched up-- just have to take some precautionary antibiotics and keep it covered with neosporin and a bandaid. It's looking pretty good by now. My port incision (the biggest one) is the only one that still looks a little gnarly- mostly because of the scab.

I made myself pick my walking regimen back up this weekend, so I've walked 3 out of the last 4 days. My dogs are loving it! I'm still a little slower than I normally would be, but I've no doubt I'll gradually pick up the pace.

And that is me, 2 weeks out. Doctor and home scale have me down 15lbs since my surgery date. Most of that came off in the first week and a half, but I am not complaining.

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