Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tough Week

My head has definitely not been in it this week, and the evidence is in the scale.

Everyone knows the drill-- super busy, stressful week at work, messy kitchen, not a lot of food in the house. . .

It all combines to make it easy to be careless with food and also to completely ignore exercise.

Let's see. This week I had pizza (twice!). I also had half a quesadilla with some chips and salsa on the side last night. About the only thing I've managed to do right this week is avoid the Halloween candy that is all over the place at work.

My portions are soooo much better. I think the band is working to help me feel full faster. But I just could not find it in me to care about *what* I was eating to get me to that full point, not to mention that the stress made me really hungry between meals so that doubled the difficulty of caring about what I was eating.

I have gained about 4 lbs this week. My guess is that most of it is from the salt, given my calorie count has still been no more than 1200 even with the questionable stuff. Still, it's discouraging.

I was going to go to Support Group today, but clearly they weren't looking at the city calendar when they planned it. There is a HUGE football game that backs up traffic like you wouldn't believe that runs right by the hospital. There is no way anyone is showing up to that group meeting.

So instead, I blog.

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