Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The pedestal is so tall from the ground. . .

This ain't as easy as it looks, or as easy as I try to convince myself it is.

So I'm doing great with my daily calorie intake, and I'm losing weight (down 22 lbs in less than a month-- down 53 lbs total from my highest pre-op weight). BUT. The last two days I've been indulging in food that I shouldn't be eating at this stage.

Last night I had girl's night, and though we planned to have it at my house where I was going to serve fish and steamed vegetables, there was a last minute change and we met at my friend's house instead. Friend ordered pizza for dinner. There was no question that I had to eat something given that I hadn't eaten since about 11:30 AND I'd had a margarita at happy hour (though I did successfully avoid the chips and salsa). So I ate one small piece of artichoke and garlic pizza, very slowly. It tasted awesome, filled me up, and no one noticed I only had one piece. So ok-- pizza crust is definitely not on my approved post-op recovery list and it is DEFINITELY not on my low-carb list, but I went into this knowing that there was no way I was going to go my entire life without ever enjoying things like pizza or pasta again-- just that it had to be a treat rather than the weekly norm. For me, it's more that I feel guilty that it isn't on my approved week 4 list and I've been feeling so holier than thou about people who test their band being dumb.

Hello pot? It's me, kettle.

Still, I was under 1200 calories for the day yesterday, even counting the margarita, so I wasn't going to beat myself up over it.

Tonight, I had a small piece of coconut cream pie. Again, even with that I was at 1000 calories for the day, but argh! Toasted coconut is about as far away of an approved food right now as you could get.

What the hell, self?

Don't even get me started on my lack of exercise since Friday night.

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