Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gimlets. . . the diet drink of champions

Today I'm dehydrated, but dehydrated in the 2teens so it was worth it. I chalk my 1 lb drop up to the two gimlets I partook of last night (polished off my Tanqueray Ten in the process), and possibly the very dramatic body movements I made as I sang Bohemian Rhapsody about 10 times on Rock Band.

We spent Christmas with my husband's family out-of-state, which is our tradition. My mil is. . . very excited about my weight loss and was overly concerned with my diet in the best of food police tradition. No matter how many times I, and my husband, have told her I can eat normal foods, she made comments over and over again about how she got me celery (yuck!) and carrots to snack on and fat free salad dressing. . . and did I remember there was fat free salad dressing? I do not eat fat free salad dressing, by the way, because it's gross. I absolutely know it came from a good place, and her concern with what I could eat was influenced a lot by the fact that she has been on a very strict low-fat diet for the past year because of high cholesterol, with very good results. But occasionally I was a little annoyed, like when on Christmas night I cut myself a tiny tiny sliver of coconut creme pie and she made a comment about how I should just remember the size I'm in now and let that be my motivation to not have dessert.

I just smiled and enjoyed the hell out of that pie.

Anyway, I didn't make my goal of 218 by the end of the year, but I did achieve 219 so I'm happy happy happy. That's 74 lbs down from my high.

Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. Lyla that is great. My parents are staying with us and we call my dad the sugar police. My parents live in San Fran, eat vegan, work out everyday, have no body fat...being around them is intimidating and I often wonder if I'm adopted. My dad was detoxing our kitchen of sugar and soda the first day he came here. But because things like this I relate to your MIL you I try to ignore them and live life peacefully. You are doing awesome.

  2. being coached while eating is sooooo annoying! love the blog, btw...!

  3. Goooo you. that is a awesome year-long weight loss amount. Other people are funny sometimes. Just keep doing what you are doing. I would have had more than a sliver of that love love coconut cream :)...

    So what is in a gimlet? I have never had one.


  4. Tina, a gimlet is gin and Rose's lime, that's it. You can do it martini style with vodka instead as well with a sugar rim but I did without the sugar this time.

  5. Lyla (I can't help but think of the Lyla character in Dexter when I see your name! I love it!) - you're doing so well! You really have accomplished so much this past year - you deserved the gimlets and the coconut pie!!