Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Glug, Glug. . . Blergh

Friday night was date night with the hubby-- I put on my sexy size 12 dress and a pair of heels and we were off.

Started at the bar portion of one of the "fancy-pants" restaurants we like. I had two glasses of wine there and ordered the scallops-on-half shell from the appetizer menu for dinner. There were three, they were amazing, and I was appropriately full.

Problem came later-- because apparently, three small scallops is not enough food to counter-act 5 glasses of wine.

After dinner, we went to the symphony (loved!). While there, I drank two more glasses of wine. It should be noted that the second of those was against my better judgment but at the urging of my husband.

Then we went home. And I had ANOTHER glass of wine while we listened to music and chilled.

Saturday I was seriously and completely hung-over ALL DAY. I never threw up, but I had a headache like whoa that three doses of tylenol wouldn't touch. My whole body felt "off" and even though I really wanted to eat (eating greasy food has been my hangover treatment of choice for many years), I wasn't able to eat much. By the end of the day, when it just wasn't getting better, I had some moments of wondering whether 5 glasses of wine on 3 scallops had somehow managed to damage my stomach.

Sunday I was fine, thank goodness.

Today on the scale, I dipped my toe into the 180's (189.6). I would really like to see 185 by the 15th, but I'll need to do a better job with my eating if I do want to see that. I also need to do better with my vitamins-- my blood work had me barely in the good range for Vitamin D and low on B12.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Do you find that the alcohol packs more of a wallop now? One glass of wine on Sunday and I was quite loopy. I don't think i could manage 5 anymore.

    a friend of mine said he read an article that stated that the alcohol sensitivity increases as time post bariatric surgery goes on but he might not have read carefully as to whether the surgery was band or some other type.


  2. Tina: I usually find alcohol packs more punch now, though my tolerance seems to be building again. However, that 5 glasses of wine was over 7 hours or so, so in the old days that would have been ok-- not all day hangover worthy!

  3. Wine, yum!

    Scallops, yum!

    Hangover, Booo!!

  4. i had the same all started friday night!

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  6. I find that me and alcohol have a finicky relationship these days - sometimes I could drink what you did and it would be fine and other times I'd be flat on my ass. I don't know if it's getting older, the band, or something totally different. I'm glad you were okay by Sunday!

  7. Hangovers are the worst!! I just started taking B12 supplements at the suggestion of my PCP and I do feel like they actually make a difference. :)

  8. I find white wine doesn't give me nearly the same kind of hangover as red. I also noticed that drinking kinda "primes" my band, allowing me to eat more. Not a good combination.