Saturday, April 23, 2011

Well How Do You Like Them Apples?

Today my husband said I was annoying him.

And I hugged him and gave him a kiss, because it was a sweet thing to say.

Huh? Zwhat?

I was back in the ill-fitting swimsuit, grabbing some sun. And I was being critical again. And husband called me crazy and told me I was seriously, no lie, annoying him.

So I laughed, and said, hey, this is what girls who care about how they look do-- they are self-critical. He just wasn't used to it because I never cared before.

And he said that me being so confident and accepting of my body all of these years was one of the things that he really really liked about me.

So I had to give him some love.

But now I'm mad at him, because my next mini-goal, after reaching onederland, was to weigh less than him. And now that I am closing in, he's sick and not eating and I can't catch him! Bastard.


  1. The nerve of that man! LOL! You just keep at it, he can't stay sick for ever! I can't wait to weigh less than the hubbs! I still have about 17 pounds to go before that happens, but it WILL happen!

  2. My husband has valued me at every weight...seems like your husband loves you unconditionally...and at every weight also...this is such a gift!

  3. I think he got sick just to spite you! LOL!

  4. LOLOLOL!! Terrific post!! I almost spewed my water all over the laptop while reading it!

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