Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Beach = Awesome

Back from Pensacola Beach, peeps!

It was a great two days. I know Pensacola is a total tourist trap, but I love that beach. White sands and if you are at one of the hotels farther down the beach, it's comparatively quiet. The surf was VERY rough for our two days, so I didn't get in the water much-- I had one point where I was swimming and swimming but not getting any closer to the shore, so I freaked out a little bit. I realized, then and there, what horrible shape I'm in and vowed to renew my efforts to develop some cardiovascular stamina. I was a trained lifeguard, back in the day! The fact that I was so fatigued by fighting the tides was a wake-up call about my complete lack of fitness.

Otherwise, I felt very good about myself and my progress. I wore my swimsuit that I've been bitching about to y'all all spring and felt fine in it, even good when I was laying on my back so that my bulges flattened out (haha- you know what I'm talking about). Last night I wore a form-fitting dress to dinner and it looked pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I'm really not used to feeling this way, honestly, but it's pretty nice.

Next week summer session starts and I will be super busy and tired for a month straight. If you don't hear from me, that's why!


  1. Your progress motivates and encourages me!!!!

  2. Ditto! Hurray for feeling and looking awesome! Hope to copy your success and have my own happy beach moments :-)

  3. I bet you looked amazing!! I can hear your confidence in your words! I love Pensacola Beach! Sounds like you had a terrific time!

  4. So glad you had a great time! Would love to see pics of the dress. And think of the workout fighting the tides was!!

  5. YAY! Glad you had a good time and felt good too!

  6. I bet you did look amazing! xoxo