Saturday, July 30, 2011

I LOVE the Thrift Store

So today I decided to get rid of more clothes and shoes (4 trashbags worth-- serviceable, but honestly not cute enough to pass on to you all!). I took them to our thrift store in town, and then HAD to go shopping.

I walked out with a pair of Banana Republic gray dress pants, The Limited brown dress pants, a ?? brand of denim trousers, a khaki Gap skirt and a dark denim Kenneth Cole skirt all for $23. All are size 10, and all fit!

I have actually taken advantage of our thrift store a lot while downsizing my wardrobe. If you've got one, give it a try. I often find brand new tags on/ looks brand new clothes in brands I like for dirt cheap. I had tried the outlets and TJ Maxx for pants yesterday, but walked out with shirts/jackets instead (I bought medium yesterday for the first time-- only one thing I bought was in a large and it was because I have huge bazoongas and it was a fitted button-up shirt).

I am cheap, if you hadn't noticed :)


  1. I am super, beyond cheap, when it comes to stuff for myself. Especially in my current state, when I don't plan to stay in my current size for very long.

  2. I love cheap and have thought about the thrift store.....good steals and congrats on the smaller size...YAY!

  3. I have been checking out a local thrift store. I guess it's time I go in.

  4. This is a great idea! :)

    I went in to my local one once when I was about 230 (on the way UP, not the way down LOL) and they had a ton of cute stuff, but I don't know why I never went back.

  5. I am a thrifting whore! I would rather go to the thrift store than the mall.

  6. Ummm, my and thrift stores have had a very 'special' relationship for over 10 years now.

    I may be a little obsessed with them.

    You can find soooo many great buys in those things. I'm partial to old school Ts that have crazy old logos or sayings on them. I also bought a vintage black belt there that is to die for. And my fav is a black velvet blazer that Saaaweeet!

    It's ok to be cheap. I love cheap! Just call me Mrs. Cheaperton!

  7. i love, love love the thrift store! I call it treasure hunting! Glad you found some good stuff- wow size 10 to boot!