Thursday, July 7, 2011

New number on the scale; Punta Cana here we come

I am packed and we are pretty much ready to go to Punta Cana tomorrow! So excited.

On the band front: Today I broke the 160 barrier-- 169.6. I only count whole pounds down, so I'm officially 170, but it was awesome to see a new decade on the scale. The day before a vacation is a mixed blessing, I think, but maybe it will motivate me to actually use the workout clothes I packed while we're gone.

Today I also almost got stuck for the first time-- on a peanut butter sandwich. Duh. Man, that thing went down like a lump. But I didn't have many options in the house and it sounded good. I probably won't be doing that again.

Thanks for all of the comments on my last two posts. First update, our dog sitter did not back out so cross your fingers there are no more snakes to traumatize her! Boarding the dogs is easier, but they absolutely hate it and we're gone for so long that I feel bad stressing them out that much. Plus, I like having someone to take care of a few things so I don't come home to dead plants and a pool filled with algae. And by the way, Justawallflower and Ronnie, I am very offended that you wouldn't want to go on vacay with me-- I can't imagine why not! As for the boobs-- I absolutely plan on having work done, but it will probably be a year or two for me to save the money. Plus, I think I'd like to wait until I go on my 6-month sabbatical (gotta love being a tenured professor) so that I can have plenty of time to recover without having to miss precious pool time in the summer!


  1. Woot!! Woot!! On the scale number!! I am sooo thrilled for YOU!!

    Have a terrific time on your vacation!! I can not WAIT to see pictures!! We'll miss you!!

    ...and I'll stow away with you if you're looking for someone to go on vacay with you!

  2. So how are you feeling about the 160's?? WHat goal do you have? I am curious..I've got a first goal at 175. I figure I'll want to go further but curious how you feel!

    You will have so much fun I know! Be a good monkey and wear sunblock! Take pictures too!

  3. I take it back, I want to go. I can be packed in five minutes.....screw that, I'll buy all new once we get there. pick me up on the way?

    Congrats on the new low. I'm so jealous.

  4. Great job on the new decade!

    And have fun on vacation tomorrow. teehee

  5. A. That is awesome!!!

    B. Have a super fun vacation!

  6. Congrats on the new decade! I went to Punta Cana last year and LOVED it!