Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Setting That Final Goal

I know I just posted about the plastic surgery consult, but I wanted to separate this question out.

How the heck do you go about setting your maintenance goal?

I'll tell you that when I started this journey, I was very vague-- I said if I could get under 200 and stay under 200, then I would consider the surgery a success. Then, when it became clear that was going to happen with no problem, I started thinking about a final goal. Initially I set it at 150 (because it's a nice round number and it would give me a BMI right inside the "normal" range). I recently decided I'd like to get more comfortably inside the normal range and set it for 140, which would still put me at a BMI around 23, still at the high side of normal.

Right now I don't feel like this will be a problem-- I am still losing without any real effort, though my loss has slowed to 3-4 lbs a month.

But both my lapband surgeon and now the plastic surgeon have given me surprised frowny faces when I say I still want to lose some more. Neither has cautioned me against it but I'm wondering what the deal is? Is it that they're worried I'll start looking unhealthy? Are my goals insane? I mean, if I were struggling and killing myself to lose every lb I would certainly reconsider and could be perfectly happy where I'm at, but so far it's been easy and I'm fine with slow.

What are you all doing? What has your doc recommended?


  1. I've been struggling to lose the last 10-12lbs for over two years now. And everyone says, "why?! you look so great!" Well, I think I don't describe why I want to lose the weight to people correctly. I don't just want to lose weight, I want to be healthier! I want to lose the FAT. so...if I run, lift weights and eat right and am toned and looking stellar and feel stellar and still at 150, then by god, i'll just stay at 150.

    But if I do all that work and I end up looking stellar and losing those 12lbs, then I did exactly what I said I wanted.

    Don't know if I'm making a freaking lick of sense, but basically it's your body, you find your 'magic' number and go for it girl!

  2. My final goal is set "between" 140 and 150. I just want to get to where I'm comfortable. I was about 150 in high school, and thought I was huge. I know now that I wasn't, but I'd still like to be slightly less than that. Ultimately it is more of where I am comfortable and healthy at, but since I was forced to set a weight that was what I went with. I feel like it is still a L-O-N-G way away, but I will get there. As will you, what ever weight you decide it should be. Just don't fixate on a number, and rather a feeling.

  3. My doctor hasn't been very helpful in setting a goal. He wants between 140-150 because of what the BMI thing says but he also said that it's so personal and he knows I'll want to be below that which is good. Honestly, I want to see 125 on a scale. Just once and then we'll see where I settle. The rate I'm going though, not sure if I'll ever get there.

  4. well my ideal weight range is between 160 and 180 because I'm tall. I told my doc I wanted to get down to 220 and they said that was acceptable and within normal range but just within normal range. I changed it to reach 200. I think ultimatley it has to be what you are comfortable with and what healthy.

  5. My first self-imposed goal was 200. Then it was 170 (what I weighed in high school). As I met each of these goals I played the game of thinking thes weights were good enough if the scale stopped moving but then as I met them I wanted more for myself and the scale and fills cooperated. I do not feel too deprived and if the weight is going to keep coming off I would love to get a little distance (say 4-5 pounds) between myself and that normal range. I am sitting between 160 and 162 right now. I never ever though I would get here and if this is all I get I am more than happy with it. If I can see 159 I will jump for joy. Ultimately if I can go no higher than 164 the world is grand as far as I am concerned.

    My surgeon was happy to see me at 220..everything has been gravy for him after that.


  6. I still think you will know when you have reached goal without reaching an actual number. Mine is now set at 149 because it sound so nice. I started with just wanting a normal BMI. Now I think that 170 isn't such a bad weight to maintain. It is completely individual. You will know.

  7. For me my weight loss just sort of stopped on its own. It slowed way down (like you have) and then essentially stopped. I've lost 15 lbs. since last December. In the last two months, I've lost less than a pound a month. I think as long as you are losing at a decent rate without too much effort, you should keep it up, but ventually you'll either have to eat less, exercise more or both to sustain the loss and you may decide you're done!

  8. Wow! just catching up on the latest...and you have some exciting changes in store for you. i think the yr to lose and think about your body image is wise/pragmatic. and if you still want/need the surgeries...DO IT!

  9. I am not even close to where you are so I haven't even figured out a weight. Hell I think if I get to 175 I'll be thrilled!! I am not in the 3-4 lbs a month phase anymore. Perhaps I need a fill but I agoing to wait until after this 12 week training is over!

    I hope you are right that I am retaining water because damnit. I am working my ass off!

    S&D...same as online. Just pretty! I'm in love with a few of the new stuff for fall!! I was trying on clothes yesterday!