Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A College Degree Just Ain't What it Used to Be

Today, a study hit the news about how 45% of university students don't learn anything in their first two years of college (no improvement over high school) and this was attributed to the fact that they spend about 16% of their time in class and on classwork, and 52% of their time "socializing". And yet the average grade "earned" in a class is a B.

As a college professor, I sadly believe this. What totally chaps my ass, though, is that when it comes time to evaluate a class they bitch and moan about the work required while at the same time admitting that they didn't really do any of it/did the bare minimum. And then they complain about getting a "C" (which frankly, is just grade inflation of the type of work that deserves a D or failing grade). I am quickly becoming bitter, I have to admit.

Things I am not bitter about: The 1 cc fill has kicked in! I had an episode during lunch where I was sure I was going to be stuck for the first time-- I was at home alone so I engaged in some burping behavior that was very unladylike but moved it through. And I wasn't overeating-- I was just full up I guess. For dinner, I picked the toppings off a slice of veggie pizza and was full full full.

I hit 210.2 during my post-fill liquid diet, but was 211.4 this morning after a weekend back on food. Still, that's a 4 lb loss in a week. WHOO!


  1. Yay for the great fill and 4 lbs down! Good restriction is so awesome!

    Interesting about the college students. I totally believe it. But seriously, I went to a women's college and spent most of my time in the library studying my first two years. That was some hard damn work! I wonder if its still like that at the 7 Sisters....?

  2. About the college students - I think its sad but also true. Also seen at high school (Im a high school teacher) where their social lives can dominate how much they are going to (or willing to) learn in that class. It annoys me when they attribute their grades (more if they are fails) to the teaching not them learning. Maybe Ive become bitter as well? But there are those students who still give me hope and strive to achieve the best they can - they are the ones who make me love my job :)

    Yay for the fill working! May it long continue :)

  3. Wahoo on the loss...On the college student stats I am going to be the devils advocate here. I feel like high school students are working harder than before (whether that hard work is meaningful i sometimes have my doubts). At the university there is a mix. I do know that my current students are working their tails off to learn and think about the math they work with. Many of my students are working full time jobs and going above and beyond the call of duty to learn. I would argue that what we use to assess their knowledge is highly flawed and not properly measuring the important things to be learned the first two years of university.

    I might be a Polly Anna over in the math ed department?? :)

  4. I belive it about the university students too. However, I can't help but see it as not entirely the students' fault. They aren't expected to really apply themselves in high school (are able to coast through) so they aren't prepared when they get to college so the college has to spend 2 years doing what the high school should have done.

  5. I'm a college student (at 35 years old, trying to finish my degree) and I totally believe this. I see so many of my 18-22 year old classmates doing next to nothing, and I can't believe how they're wasting the opportunity for an education. Truly sad.

  6. I'm so glad you had a 4lb loss in a week! AWESOME! I'm so glad your fill is working so well for you!
    As for college, I'm with Gen, I swear I worked so hard the entire time! I do see young kids, however, and they just seem entitled sometimes. Not all of them, but many of them. College is just another high school to them.