Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hockey, Opera, Zumba, & Belly Dancing

Y'all, I was a lazy fat person. And not in the sense that all I did was sit on the couch and eat (I hate that stereotype), but in the sense that I got into a decade long rut where I never wanted to try new things when the comfort of my own home was calling. Even things that I used to enjoy during my college and grad school years, like going to concerts, were mostly cut out. An example: I had Death Cab for Cutie tickets four years ago now and on the day of, I just decided I didn't feel like going so I stayed home. Those were not cheap tickets and I've always regretted it, and though that was the most expensive example it is not the only time it happened.

Part of it was a lack of energy. Part of it was ennui. Part of it was that I do genuinely enjoy alone time. And certainly, part of it was social anxiety brought on by obesity. I hated going to places where there was seating, squeezing into the seat and sitting thigh to thigh with a stranger. So I stopped doing much outside my house.

Well, part of my pledge to myself as I become healthier and more full of energy is to live more, and experience more. So I'm going to be posting about those things in the blog to document them.

December 2010:
Hockey: I went to a hockey game with my husband. We hadn't been to one in years. We got "club" tickets and got free food and drink for 2 hours before the game until the time the game ended, and I was a model bandster. It was great fun, and though the seats were still a little close for my liking I honestly think it's a matter of the seats and not a matter of my size (everyone was packed like sardines).

January 2011

Opera: Last night I went to my first opera performance (it was Faust). I LOVED it. It was a great show, I felt great in my pretty opera clothes, and best of all I was seated in the middle of the row and had all the room in the world. The ONLY problem is that I have twice now noticed (the other time at a movie theater) that my tailbone really hurts after sitting for a while now. I'm contemplating whether I need to bring a special butt pillow to these things from now on :)

Zumba: I went to my first Zumba class today! It was a struggle to make myself go-- I was sure I was going to be embarrassed, incompetent, and uncomfortable. But I made myself go, just to try it once, and it was amazing. I can't wait to go back.

Belly Dancing: Ok, I'm terrified of this, but on Groupon there was a deal for 6 Belly Dancing classes for $35 and I bought it. Yes, I think this is a little crazy. I am NOT a dancer, have never taken a dance class (other than Zumba today), and to top it off, my belly is disgusting. It's less the size (although it is big) and more that the skin itself is just shot to all hell. I am assuming that in these classes, I am going to have to eventually expose my belly. But I've always been fascinated with the technique, I want to find a way to build some core strength without having to do boring exercises, and I'm in the season of trying new things. So I've made a deal with myself that I'll at least go once and try, even if I never go back to use the remainder of my lessons.

Weighed in this morning at 209 on the dot. Life is good.


  1. Life is VERY good! I loved the photo! Thank you for sharing! I read the smile in your words!

  2. Way to go you!!! Trying new stuff has been the best part of this journey...and I totally did the I am too tired and stayed at home routine when before band too.

    I don't know about your belly dancing class but I took it a while back. The teacher showed belly but the students did not have to. You make me want to do it again was a blast.

    Good luck and many fun adventures!!


  3. NICE! I want to try belly dancing. Sounds so fun.

  4. What a cute pic of you and your hubby! And I think its awesome that you're out trying new things. I definitely agree with you about getting out and trying new things. You're inspiring me to want to do the same. I keep hearing about this zumba....everyone tells me its something I would really like. Maybe I'll try it out!