Monday, February 21, 2011

The Addict

So yesterday my reading comprehension sucked, and I misread a fellow blogger's request NOT to get tough love as a request FOR tough love. I feel bad about it, and apologized, and I promise to be more careful in my reading from now on.

But, it did get me thinking about something that I'd bet the good majority of us go through. The challenge of VACATION.

Raise your hand if you ever put off a diet to start "after I get back from vacation"?

Raise your hand if you've ever said "It's vacation, so I'm just going to plan on unhealthy eating"?

Both my hands are raised right now, for sure. It happened during our last vacation in July '10, where I had scheduled my surgery and went on vacation and celebrated by eating an entire coconut creme pie (well, technically my husband and I shared two) over the course of a week, on top of regular food orgy behavior at all scheduled meals. I came back heavier than when I left and felt like such crap that I immediately put myself on a low-carb pre-op diet for the next month and a half. The good news is that it led me to lose between 20 and 30 lbs before my surgery but I don't ever want to feel that way again.

We have booked this summer's trip to an all-inclusive in the DR. I have vowed to myself that I will eat like a regular bandster this year. I'm just not going to let my vacation be defined by how much food I can eat.

Now, part of my brain (your brain) might be screaming, "but it's vacation! I should be able to take a break and do whatever I want on vacation!".

But I'm beginning to see that as a fallacy. I can do what I want on vacation. But should I?

I'm not sure how I feel about equating obesity to a food addiction, but I ask myself this: How healthy would it be for an alcoholic, or a heroin addict, or a sex addict to say "But it's vacation!", and then use it as an excuse to use drugs/alcohol or go trolling for underage prostitutes in foreign countries ?(hee! yes, I just compared us to pedophiles-- my apologies)

It wouldn't be. We could all look at that and shake our heads in pity, or condemnation.

So why are we so comfortable letting ourselves off the hook when we go on vacation?

I promise I am not being holier than thou, here. I have a lifetime history of treating vacation like it's a break from reasonable eating. But the more I think about it, the more I think that is the worst possible head space for me. And when I go on vacations this year I'm going to make it a goal to make good band-friendly choices and allow the non-food components of my vacation to be where I find freedom and relaxation. I'll let you know how I do on that :)


  1. yup, yup!!! i HEAR you! i'm currently struggling to abolish this way of thinking also. e.g: this week i have a bday celebration, a dept potluck, and a girl outing...all food induced joy. but im opting out of the food obligations, in spite of the fact that i may apprear "rude" or "ungrateful." but honestly, folks will get over it and good friends will understand: there is never a perfect time to be healthy!

    btw-love to read your posts just so i can see good vocab like "fallacy" in action!

  2. I do exactly the same thing! I never thought - I CAN eat whatever I want, but SHOULD I? That's a very important statement.

    I just finished a day/weekend of stress eating and ate more chocolate and cheese to the point I felt HORRIBLE. Horrible for not controlling myself and physically gross, headache-y, etc. Why do I do this to myself and why would I do that on vacation?

    I've got a trip planned to Mexico at the end of the year - all inclusive also. I always feel like not only am I on vacation but I need to get my money's worth!

    I'm interested in hearing more about the Dominican Republic. We've considered going there bc I've heard so many great things. Have you been there before? We're planning to go to Cancun (the moon palace) again. Have you been there? IF so, how does it compare?

  3. I know of several bandsters who have lost or maintained while on vacation - myself included. The band really does make it easier to keep the calories under control!

  4. I went on a 9 day cruise and only gained 2 lbs and lost it pretty quickly when I got back. I think part of the great thing about the band is that you can still eat what you want (for the most part), but just less of it. Unfortunately alcohol is a problem for me during vacation. Definitely like to get my drink on.

  5. I never gained weight on vacation..always enough walking with eating. It was when I got home and carried on with the 'vacation eating' that things collapsed and my weight would go up. Everyday came with some reason or another to celebrate.

    With the band I always eat on the band...I follow the rules, drink between meals, eat protein first etc. If I have room I have a bite of dessert or even a small portion.

    My vacations are very different now and focus on the sights and sounds of the places I visit and a more intense focus on the flavors in small intense and high quality portions (not huge ones).

    so I guess in my own rambled way...I think we are saying a similar are different but no less sweet :)


  6. I absolutely agree with this entire post! It's one thing if you overindulge on your tirp but it's another to PLAN on overindulging on a trip. I just took a cruise and tried my best to keep my portion in check. I gained a pound. It was all water. I had a great time and didn't feel like crap when I got on the scale when I got home.