Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good, Bad, Ugly

Earlier this week I saw 203 on the scale twice, which puts me at 90 lbs lost. Today I am bounced back up to 204.8 but that is a "normal" fluctuation for me so in my head I'm still 203 :)

My NSV victory this week was that I tried on size 12 shorts and pants of two different brands at two different stores and was able to button and zip both. I had a big juicy muffin top, so I'm certainly not gonna buy size 12 yet, but it was thrilling nonetheless.

I've struggled a bit this week with food choices. I've been on a carb kick which I think is messing with my head hunger. Friday night I ate an entire order of fried mushrooms. Uh, yeah, probably why I'm fluctuating up instead of down on that 203. The other issue is that I've identified a cycle-related pattern, where right around ovulation I stall out (and want carbs) and then I lose when I start my period. I should be ovulating right about now so here's to holding on through the ride.


This morning I took a picture of myself in my pjs. This was my favorite t-shirt (and these still are my favorite yoga pants) from my highest weight. I'm swimming, big time. The t-shirt is 3xl and I'm wearing a large in t-shirts now. But I can't give this one up because it is my BSG (Battlestar Galatica) t-shirt and I lurves it.



  1. Sometimes some big mushy clothes are just what the doctor ordered!!!

  2. You are swimming in those clothes! You've gotta go get yourself some new sexy ones!! Some comfy ones that you also love!
    You know, 90 lbs is pretty freaking AMAZING! You and I are at a similar weight. I'm 205 and stuck at this weight b/c I'm not working out like I should.

    And that you can get your butt into size 12's is impressive! I need to read back on your blog - you must be working out consistently b/c you're probably more toned than you think you are. I'm 5'4" and I'm NO WHERE close to a size 12. That's a result of my not focusing on working out. You should be proud just to zip them up - juicy muffin top and all!!!!!!!

  3. I swam in my PJs for the longest time. My kids were finally like mom you have to do something about those! Don't fret about the 12s they will fit without muffin top before you know it!

  4. wahoooo you..Those 12's will be looking fine in no time! and those pj's...I have some too :) They are comfy..but a bit risky as they can drop to the floor without notice :)


  5. Wow! You're doing so well to lose all that weight. I agree though you are swimming in those pjs. You need to get yourself some new ones that'll make you feel so great about all the weight loss ;-)

  6. Should've been "new" jammies ~ lol.