Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blah Blah, RedundantCakes

New number on the scale today-- 201.6.


Still struggling a bit this week with (head?) hunger. I don't think I need a fill, because when I eat too fast things go down slow. I've never been stuck but it's felt close a couple of times this week (like today, with my Dr. Kracker 3-seed flatbread topped with chicken salad- that cracker did not want to go down nicely). I'm leaning toward mid-cycle hormone fluctuations but I guess I'll have to ride it out and see. In any case, as long as I'm losing I probably won't be motivated to mess with my fill.

This week people are coming out of the woodwork to tell me "You look good." Mostly students. It's strange when it's a student. I say thank you, and genuinely mean it, but then I change the topic immediately. I don't know why it's so weird but it is-- and totally different than a colleague or friend or family member saying it.


  1. You will soon need to change your blog title to add "Previous".

  2. Oooooh! I love what Sandy Lee said!!

    And I totally get the difference between it being a student and a colleague or friend! But still totally lovely that they are commenting nonetheless!

  3. O my goodness, you are indeed so close! You've got this girl!

  4. wahoooooooooooo go you!

    My first comment was from a was very freaky and i had no clue how to respond.