Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crackers, Clothes, & the Number 85

For those of you who like crackers and/or crunchy things, I really recommend these crisps. I found them in the deli section of a Walmart Supercenter of all places. Nine crackers are 35 calories and 7g carbs. They aren't very salty, which I also really like.

I did yet another closet clean-out today (man, I have gotten rid of a TON of clothes). I don't have many followers, but if any of you (or anyone you know) wears anything from an 18-22, 2x-3x and want to see some pictures, let me know. My thrift store has cleaned up already, I'm happy to share with fellow bandsters instead if anyone wants.

And, as usual, I dropped a couple pounds right before my period started, weighing at 207.6 for the past two days. That is 85 lbs down from my high point!


  1. Hey, we seem to be almost same weights and stuff. I'm 213 right now (after a few lb gain, recent lowest is 208) and my highest was 295! I'm also in 14-16s right now! I think it's very cool you are a Psychologist! I love Psychology VERY, VERY MUCH!

  2. 85 pounds??? That is absolutely terrific!! How 'bout a "WOOT WOOT" for YOU!!

    Great job!!

    I'll be sure to check out those crackers. They sound just the way I like them!

  3. 85lbs gone - thats fantastic! A big high five for that :)
    Pity you aren't in my hemisphere - would certainly be interested in looking at the clothes. Im pretty sure postage would be a killer to little ol' NZ.

  4. Congrats on 85 lbs. That is tremendous!

  5. wahoooo 85 is great!! My daughter Grace loves those crackers. I like the water crackers for some reason but I get sick of one kind and then move on periodically.

    I have ditched a ton of clothes to my local thrist store...there is a sisterhood that trades clothes around the band blogs. just post some pictures and things seem to go quickly. When/if you decide to give yours away post the pics and I will send the message out on my blog too (will raise your followers and clothing takers if you are interested)

    Congrats again on the weightloss number this week!!


  6. wow! 85 lbs-unbelievable! just hope to follow in your trail...!

  7. Congrats on 85! I'm just coming out of 18's; otherwise, I'd be all over it.

  8. Congrats! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I just followed you. Don't know how I've missed your blog before! I might be interested in some of your clothes! I can always use work attire! My 24s are getting baggy and I'm STILL wearing some really baggy saggy black pants that are size 28s! I don't know how they stay up!

  9. You need to change your Blog Name...Big Fat Professor is not an accurate description!