Monday, February 14, 2011

Zumba, Glee, and the Kama Sutra

This weekend continued my "get out of the house and live" mantra for the new post-band me.

Did Zumba twice-- kicked my butt twice. Can't wait until I'm in shape enough to keep myself at a high intensity level the whole time.

On Saturday night I went to one of the local college's annual "Glee" shows (song and dance competition). They spend a LOT of money on it so it has a live camera (cam on a swinging crane) video feed and pre-produced video segments to introduce the acts. Very impressive overall. It was a good time, and I looked good in my size 14 skinny jeans.

I also treated myself to a mani-pedi for V-Day and then told my husband he bought it for me, so I had to wear my stilettos instead of boots so I could show off my tootsies.

Then last night I went to a masked erotic art show that benefited the local rape crisis center. It was a neat idea to celebrate the chosen sexuality of women. I'm a volunteer with the center so I worked the door for a bit, and then I worked the room- haha. I ended up buying two small prints based on the Kama Sutra (tastefully done, bare backsides only though it is obvious they are doin' it). There was some amazing, and risque stuff there. I was working during the belly dancing so I didn't see it, unfortunately, but there was also tango dancing, a wandering sax player, and fortune tellers. Fun fun night and based on my time taking money at the door, Rape Response will have made a good chunk of change.

My house is still as dirty as it was when I got off work on Friday, which I suppose is the cost of living life outside the house, but it was certainly worth it.


  1. I love the shoes, and the toes! It sounds like a very interesting weekend to say the least. And like it was lots of fun! Some day I will start making an attempt at having a life, but not until school is over :( cleaning can always wait!

  2. Very cute toes and shoes! Way to go on Zumba too. I am trying zumba this weekend actually.

  3. So Jealous! The Glee show AND the art show seem so awesome and way up my ally! I need to look for stuff like that to do here in Phoenix! It's gotta be out there! You look adorable, btw! Love it!

  4. Sounds like a terrific weekend - the pedi looks awsome too!!

    Great photo!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. I love the toenails and it sounds like you had a fun time over the weekend and for a good cause too! What could be better? Have a fabulous Valentine's Day <3

  6. very cool and funky art show!!! and the house can've got a life to live!

  7. I love your I said look so healthy and radiant...I think losing weight has helped me live life more "outside" the house. I think that is a very good thing.

  8. Great picture, great shoes, and great toes! But... I totally thought you said "wandering sex player" and I about spit my water all over this computer.