Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yesterday I had two experiences:

1. Coworker who I see daily has been bragging to me about her own weight loss and gets in a discussion with me about it. I say that I have also lost weight doing low carb (which is technically true). She asks how much, I demur, she pushes, I tell her 60 pounds. She literally gives me the once over, head to toe, completely surprised. I wanted to laugh but I refrained. I'm not sure she believed me.

2. Last night, I go to a recruiting event to schmooze parents. The Dean of Admissions, whom I've met many many times, introduces herself to me on the way in the door, clearly thinking I was a guest and not a faculty member. I let it go. Later, she walks up to me and profusely apologizes to me because she did not recognize me! She told me I was looking good and I told her she was forgiven. This is literally the first person who has really seemed to see a difference and comment on it, in the most flattering of ways. After my full body once-over earlier, it felt really really good.

I go in for fill #2 this afternoon. I am sort of dreading it. Not that the experience is bad or anything, but I've never had a bad moment with my band (stuck, pain, etc.)and I'm so afraid I'm going to start having these experiences with a tighter band and ruin the good thing I've got going. I am probably eating more than I "should", but I'm steadily losing so as of right now, I feel like I'm ok. I know I will need adjustments to keep losing past a certain point, but I'm unsure if I should leave things well enough alone for now and then get fills when I get to a major plateau, or whether I should just do adjustments now. I will definitely go in today and get a fill, but I think I'll probably just leave it there for a while until I feel like I need a third.

That's my plan, anyway.

Update: No fill after all! He thinks I'm doing fine without it for the moment so my next appt. is in January. I had my first fluoroscopy so I got to see my band and port. Dude, the port is huge! But everything looked good.


  1. Congrats!!!! Great NSVs!

    I'm also trying to navigate and understand when I need a fill and when I don't. I think its kind of subjective.

  2. Thanks Rachel! I agree, it's very subjective and I'm all for going slow on the fills for now.

  3. Until I read your update, I was going to comment and ask why you were getting a fill since you're doing so well. You're doing great!