Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Call Me Support Group Sally

In about an hour I'll be heading off to my second support group of the week.

This week, my doc's office had their support group and I went to it for the first time. I didn't say much, but I found it pretty helpful. We had someone come from Bariatric Advantage to do a vitamin talk.

Confession: I do not regularly take my vitamins. It took me two months to get through a 30 day supply of multivitamins. Ahem. Bad, bad bandster.

So, support group got me recommitted to doing my supplements. I will be so embarrassed if I get my first set of post-op blood work back and I have earned a vitamin lecture.

Today's support group is actually the one I've been to before, and it's with another surgeon's (in a different hospital!) practice. They say it's open to anyone, but last time the nurse who serves as the coordinator looked less than welcoming. The people were great though, and they are having a plastic surgeon talk about reconstruction of skin after weight loss, so I'm going to brave Nurse Prissy's cold looks and go again. Plus, they have the best RTD protein shakes with 35g of protein that they sell that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.

In other news, my TOM must have done something nice to my band and it's sticking around past TOM. I felt the "no hungry/full on a little" really kick in last week and I'm still there, feeling full on very little food and not hungry between meals. The band, it works in mysterious ways. Now I'm really glad my doc said no fill this last visit.


  1. Good luck with yours! I just came from a meeting that sucked. But my practice is at a research U and it's 95% rny and sleeve. I just go when my bypass friend wants to. Online is much better band support for me. But the good shakes would be worth it!

  2. I haven't been to my support group meetings but like AtoZ my surgeons office is mostly rny and they tend to obsess about all things rny.

    Great look with the evil nurse and continued restriction. I am also a horrible vitamin taker. So far my blood work has been fine except for D-I live in the dark northwest.


  3. Hi...I'm glad your support group is good. Like AtoZ and Tina; my group has mostly sleeve and Bypass. A lot of people are actually anti band...even one the surgeons in the group so I find online support a lot better.

    I went to one meeting and I really thought the sleeve and bypass folks were looking for a quick fix. I didn't quite click. Two of them were getting their surgery redone because they regained all the weight. I find the perspective of Bandies a lot more saner and palatable. But as I always say on my blog, I love this blog community!

  4. The meeting I went to today (not my surgeon's office) is ALL bandsters. My doc's meeting is a mix. I admit that I like the all bandster meeting better, even if I feel like an intruder :)

    But yes, without a doubt, you all are the best!

  5. I still go to support group even after a year out....keep going! :)