Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Revenge of the Back

I spoke too soon yesterday, and my back apparently got pissed. Pissy little bitch, my back. Last night and today it is giving me trouble to the point of flexaril consumption. I'm eying my feet now. They better not try anything on me.

Weight loss is so weird, ya'll. I've been stuck at 234 since my first fill. Today, I get on the scale and I'm 230.8.

This is after last night, when I did my first full-tilt planned cheat. Went to dinner with the girls, had a Swedish Gimlet, some coconut tofu soup, and FRIED calamari. FRIED calamari in sweet and sour sauce, folks. Then I topped it all off with three tiny bites of seven-layer bar.

So apparently my body is just messing with me. I think there's a conspiracy.

**Note on pic: Apparently, only thin attractive naked women have back pain, as these were the only images I could find.

In other news, apparently the world will end in 20 years, brought on by the female species.

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  1. Hope your back is better. You know the same thing happened to me. I lost 10 lbs after surgery then nothing nada zilch. I felt aggravated when I went in for my first fill and the scale stood still at 10 lbs. However a week later and after a frustrating binge; my weight loss kicked into gear and I dropped another 7. I try to think of this as long term behavior modification supported by the band. The band helps me be good. It forces me to eat slowly. It prevents me from inhaling my food when I'm upset. So stick with will do great. You are doing great. I liked your comment about only thin women having back pain LOL