Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh, the Pressure

Thanks to the gals who kicked my cookie-loving butt. You're all right. I can have a cookie and still lose. My treacherous brain is defeated for the time being.

So here's a weird health effect of surgery I've never heard of before-- every time I've had my blood pressure taken since surgery, it is higher than average. Today it was 142/86. Yet again, higher than my average pre-surgery bp. And borderline high blood pressure, which I've NEVER had weighing 60lbs more than I do now.

Has anyone else ever heard of this?


Freak of nature, then?



  1. I would go straight to the MD and find out what is causing the it. Post op my BP actually got extremely low 103/70. They said it was because of the blood thinners they gave me to prevent clotting. That existed for awhile and then it just calmed down to a healthy rate. I'm on BP meds though. Please go to your MD right away. Hope its nothing and that it is easily resolved.

  2. Hi Lyla! I just found your blog. I've never heard of BP rising with weight loss so my guess is that there is no correlation. I'd talk to your doctor.

    I also read your last post and I wanted to share the opinion that you can have some cookies if you want them. In fact if you do not have at least a few, I predict you will feel deprived which can leave to a binge. I eat all the foods I used to eat. I avoid sugar free and fat free foods like the plague. I eat real mayo, butter, cheese, etc. I even drink my coffee with real cream. Oh yeah, and I've lost 95 lbs. since February. The key is that you need to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Eat all foods in moderation. My band (with ideal restriction) does a fantastic job of telling me when to stop.

    I worried when I was first banded that I would use special occasions as an excuse to "go off" my food plan - like I did on diets pre-band. What I have learned is that I can lose weight without dieting and there is nothing about my food plan to "go off". I eat what I want. There is no reason to cheat.

    Stop by for a visit if you want

  3. I was on meds for high blood pressure when I had my surgery. It went down kind of slowly at first but eventually I got to flush my pills and now I have kind of low blood pressure (still normal but way low for me).

    Keep at it...the pressure should go down.

  4. Hi there! I found you through Gen, too. Our numbers--and jobs--are similar! (Though I'm in the Humanities.) Glad I'm here.

  5. I don't know if any of you will ever see this, but blogging is weird when it comes to replying to comments and I want you all to know how much I appreciate your responses.