Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sequins & Studs

Bittersweet moment this morning as I was getting ready to go out-- it's finally cold enough for a jacket here and I pulled out my green cordoroy Land's End coat. It's 22W, and last winter it was a touch on the small side so I didn't wear it. Apparently, I won't be wearing it anymore because it's not just too big, it looks too big.

Goodbye, pretty green jacket. (Let me know if you want it- I would love to send it to a good home)

But, hello sequins and studs! Apparently, I was feeling flashy and maybe a little drag today because I came home with two sequined tank tops and a pair of black leather heals with studs in them. (These may not be the first sequined clothes to recently be added to my closet, either. I may be having issues with shiny things. Keep me away from jewelry stores).

My husband noticed that the shirts were 14/16 and made me feel really good with his excitement. I think he realizes how bummed I've been to still be at 234 after my first fill-- weight loss stall and bandster hell extraordinaire.


  1. Love your new sparkly clothes and shoes...Your husband seems like a fantastic support system. That is wonderful too!

  2. Thanks for your post on my blog. I did end up changing PCPs and that has made a whole lot of difference. I also only use specialists that work with my WLS practice.

    Love your blog. Look forward to supporting you.

  3. I LOVE sparkly clothes! Awesome tops! And congrats on the sizes!

  4. those shoes are AWESOME!!! and I love all the sparkles!