Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tricksy, Tricksy Exercise

So, I'm taking a page out of Joey's book, and I'm going to trick myself into exercising by setting an Apple product as my reward.

I've wanted to switch from PC to Mac for a while. I can't decide if I want a MacBook or an iMac, but either way, I'm going to make myself EARN that sucker rather than just paying for it. I have a feeling I'm going to need to save my cash for a tummy tuck eventually anyway ;)

So here's my plan: For every mile of exercise, I earn $2. That should require, at bare minimum, 500 miles of exercise.

Since my biggest issue since surgery is shear laziness when it comes to moving my ass, this seems like a good bargain to make with myself. I bought a really nice LiveStrong treadmill-- my husband uses it several times a week but I haven't stepped on it in a good month. For Christmas I bought him a spinning bike, so that treadmill is going to be lonely if I don't get my butt on it. I think this incentive might do the trick.

Holiday Challenge weigh in today: I am at 227.4, and I'm happy enough with that considering the half-bottle of wine I drank last night.


  1. That sounds like a plan..I once tried walking to a particular place (by counting the miles it would take to get there but actually walking on my treadmill). I always pooped out on it but I think it would be fun to formally do it and use a map to keep track.


  2. You can do it! And you love it that much more when you do!