Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Some of you gals have been posting about goals lately, and you've got me thinking. How dare you!

My surgeon and I have never set a goal weight together-- honestly, I doubt it will happen unless I bring it up. The office is good with requiring aftercare but it is very business-like. In and out kinda stuff-- I probably spend about 5 minutes total time with the medical staff including nurse. But I have spent some time considering my personal weight goals and I've got numbers in mind.

The Numbers

1)Under 200: I've said all along that if I can get under 200 and stay there for the rest of my life, then my health and quality of life will have improved enough that the surgery will have been a great success, even if I stay at 199.

2)170: This is the "I weigh less than my husband" weight, and would be a giddy, yay me goal.

3)150: This is my ultimate "dream" goal-- it would put me in the normal BMI range (just barely, but still!). This one is a little harder to hope for, honestly, but I'll put it down just in case.

4)A NSV-Goal: I'd like to be able to shop in regular stores and be guaranteed that the largest size will always fit me well, even in clothes brands that tend to run smaller.

Good Things Already Accomplished:

1)For the most part, my foot pain (plantar fascitis) is gone.
2)I haven't felt a twinge out of my back for a couple of months!
3)I have grown out of almost all of my pre-surgery pants, in the right direction this time.
4)I actually weigh almost 30 lbs LESS than my driver's license says I do.
5)I haven't eaten fast food in 3 months.
6)Sex (it had to be said, again)


  1. I'm finding that very few doctors discuss goals with their patients. I think that's kinda sad. I think it's because if you lose 50% of your excess weight, then you're considered a "success" for the office and so it doesn't matter to them if you get below that. My doc said that even though that percentage would get me to a not-so-bad weight, it still wouldn't be healthy so that's not good enough. Sounds like it's still up to me though to decide what the ultimate goal should be. It's great that you can already mark so many things off the list.

  2. Congrats on your accomplishments...I think charting out your goals is a good gives you a framework from which to work. I think you have the right attitude and based on your recent successes, I think your goals are very attainable!

  3. Hey, thanks for posting on my blog! We have such similar goals...under 200 would be awesome, then the 170's to feel normal and if we can only home to one day be classified as having a healthy weight--not overweight, not obese. Best wishes to you!!!